He has

called her “Bitch”, “fat ass”, “stupid” and a “nag”

He has: put his hands around her throat and held her against the wall

tipped over the rocking recliner while she rocked their first born to sleep

shoved her to the floor while she was pregnant with their second child-this child was born with the cord around his neck

raised his fist as if to strike, but didn’t

told her her fibromyalgia was all in her head

told her she needed to go back to work one day after miscarrying

made her drive herself to the hospital while she miscarried

fussed because it cost 100 dollars to be examined by a OBGYN after miscarrying

did not come see her sing a solo in the Christmas production, nor see his special needs daughter in her first play

refused to go change his sister-in-law’s flat tire, leaving her stranded on the side of the road

pushed his mother-in-law to the floor because she stood up for her daughter when he called her stupid

of course there are more.  of course they are over a ten year span.  of course she isn’t perfect.  of course she must be quite pathetic.


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