Perhaps a better woman….

would kick him to the curb. Would’ve done so a long time ago.  At least that would be the popular secular thought.

I always shook my head in confusion at those women who stayed with their abuser.  But what constitutes abuse?  Hitting, slapping, physical aggression is of course abuse.  Must it become a common event or is just once enough to tell him to take a hike?  What about emotional or mental abuse? Verbal abuse? Name calling.  Control.

What kind of man says to the mother of his children-the woman who cooks and cleans for him, who encourages him and makes sure he wakes up in time to go to work-“It’s my money. I go out and work for it so it is mine.  You need to ask me before you spend anything beyond what is needed for groceries” ? What kind of man says that one moment and then is okay the next?

Who avenges a broken spirit?



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