Feb.24 2012

I can see where this is becoming a record of not just my random thoughts, but also of daily events that may be useful sometime in the future.  Not just so I can relive the joke that is my life, but for documentation purposes.

He has a “man cave” off the kitchen.  Once upon a time it was a garage and it still has the original door leading into it from the kitchen, which is glass in the top half.  The glass, or window, has a small curtain on the kitchen side, for privacy purposes. He is on night shift and was supposed to be in there sleeping.  Our son was being a bit noisy so I peeked through the curtain to see if he was disturbed.  I caught him looking at porn on the tv via the PS3.  I asked him what he was doing looking at that.  No reply.  I replaced the curtain and dropped it, not really caring enough to fight.  A few minutes later I looked in on him again and could tell he was….relieving….himself.

A few minutes later he came out and asked if I liked peeking in on him. I asked him if he like jerking off to porn.  He denied that it was porn.  He also denied he was jerking off.  Um, a website entitled “Boobs in Motion” is not porn? Puhleese.  And what?  There was a kangaroo bouncing up and down under his comforter?

I have decided I am not going to blow up over this because it would do absolutely no good and would only result in a traumatic scene for the kids to witness.  He will not get away with this however.  When he least expects it, it will come back to him.  Eventually the world will know the truth.


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